Complex projects

The Initiation of Sustainable Energy Community for the City of Liberec




Horizon 2020, NetZeroCities has obtained funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program based on grant agreement number 101036519


Liberec city, Teplárna Liberec, a.s., Technická univerzita v Liberci

LEEF role

Member of the consortium, responsibility for the elaboration of project outputs related to electromobility, coordination of consortium members and preparation of mandatory reporting and communication with the international NetZeroCities team

The premise of the project is that the energy community is a means to activate local stakeholders in activities leading to the city’s climate neutrality. The pilot activities will focus primarily on decarbonization in the energy and transport sectors. The activities will concentrate on technical, commercial, and legal aspects of the development of the energy community – on the mapping of relevant stakeholders, technology mapping (production and consumption side), and barriers to further development. In the field of transport, there will be activities aimed at formulating a strategy for the development of the city’s charging infrastructure (for passenger cars, public and freight transport).

⚪︎ Guidelines for creating an energy community plan
⚪︎ Launching a communication platform to raise awareness
⚪︎ Roadmap for the development of low-emission transport in the city of Liberec
⚪︎ Initiation of cooperation in the area of low-emission transport and Community energy topics
⚪︎ Setting up knowledge sharing with other cities involved in the Net Zero 2030 initiative, cooperation with a number of stakeholders within the city of Liberec (academic, business and public sector)

Markéta Adamcová

Project Manager, LEEF Technolgies

Markéta Adamcová, Project manager, LEEF Technologies



We are a company that specializes in the development of clean energy and transport projects. We also carry out market analyses, develop project concepts and business plans, as well as new technology deployment strategies. We have been active in the market since 2010. Since the beginning, we have focused on electromobility, battery storage and development of technologically complex projects. Recently, we have also been working on green hydrogen projects.


Development of charging infrastructure, fleet electrification, advanced charging solutions. Forum elektromobilita. Portál elektromobilita.

Battery energy storage

Battery systems and their applications: ancillary services, autonomous generation, power supply optimisation, etc. Second life batteries.


Production, storage and distribution of emission-free and low-emission hydrogen. Integration with RES and battery storage. PPA contracts.

complex projects

Integration of multiple technologies. Optimization of local production/consumption. Flexibility for ancillary services. Local distribution networks. Energy communities.

Our team

Many years of experience from energy markets. We like our work and we like working together.