Plan for the development of the infrastructure for public charging in the Czech Republic






In cooperation with Arthur D. Little and Feramat Cybernetics

LEEF role

LEEF was primarily responsible for processing the valuation model for scoring either individual (whether potential or existing) locations or portfolios of charging stations and the methodology for calculating the geographic distribution of demand for charging in the Czech Republic.

The main aim of the project was to prepare a long-term investment strategy for development of the public charging network. The contract also involved proposing a method for scoring sites for the purposes of (1) prioritisation of development and (ii) the market valuation of individual sites and existing portfolios. We handled/prepared the following activities as part of the project:

⚪︎ Forecast of the development of the electromobility market
⚪︎ Preparation of an investment strategy for the development of the public charging infrastructure
⚪︎ Estimate of the development of the future market value of the charging infrastructure based on site scoring (grading)
⚪︎ The construction of a dynamic valuation model for scoring individual sites/portfolio of sites
⚪︎ Forecast of the demand for public charging and its geographical distribution (using heat maps)

Filip Vančura

Project Manager, LEEF Technologies

Filip Vančura, Project manager, LEEF Technologies



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