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Calibration of intermittent RES scenarios for an assessment within the Generation Adequacy program of CEPS

  • Year
  • 2017
  • Client
  • ČEPS

The purpose of the study was to briefly evaluate existing wind and solar power projections until 2030. The contents in brief:

 Assessment of the relevant RES projections used at ČEPS

Summary of conditions for the calibration of scenarios

Evaluation of potential impacts implied by the EU renewable energy targets 

A sketch of the expected projection band for wind and PV solar until 2030

Commentary on the possible effect of battery storage installations

Discussions about the ways the Czech Republic is to fulfil the EU RES targets is going to take a number of years, however, it is clear that the expectable output of new intermittent RES is to be higher than what is predicted in the current version of the Czech Energy Policy.

Filip Vančura

Project Manager, LEEF Technologies



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