The organisation of Electromobility Forum 2019, a specialised electromobility event for B2B

In cooperation with Economia

  • Year
  • 2019
  • Partners
  • ČEZ, ŠKODA AUTO, ABB, Siemens,
    PRE, E.ON, innogy, Hyundai, Porsche ČR

The second year of the conference was the culmination of a broader media series organised jointly with Economia media house. As in the first year, the aim was to involve the main players on the market, in particular car manufacturers, energy companies, charging technology suppliers and government officials, in expert debates and reinforce the meaningful development of electromobility in the Czech Republic. The contents in brief:

 Main topics: (i) EV technologies, (ii) charging infrastructure, (iii) urban mobility, (iv) significance for the power industry

32 speakers from 8 countries, 300 delegates, 34 partners, 20 exhibitors

Expanded presentations of EVs and other electromobility products and services

Workshop conducted by experienced instructors with emphasis on practical aspects of fleet electrification

 Three Round tables with outcomes presented in HN and iHNED newspapers plus a special issue of HN and HN Magazine

The response of the delegates and partners to the last year’s event convinced us to continue also in 2019 and possibly beyond. The second year surpassed the first in many aspects. The expanded exhibition of vehicles and other electromobility products for showed the top-of-the-range currently available in the Czech Republic.

Ivana Cmíralová

Event Manager, LEEF Technologies




We are a consultancy company specialising in project development in the fields of energy and transportation. We also carry out market analyses and develop strategies related to implementation of new technologies and innovative business models. Our activities usually take place at the interface between R&D and commercial applications. We have been active on the market since 2010. In recent years we have focused particularly on battery energy storage, electromobility, distributed generation and energy efficiency projects.

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energy storage

Battery systems and their applications: ancillary services, autonomous generation, peak-shaving etc.

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Development of charging infrastructure, electrification of fleets, advanced charging solutions

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distributed energy

Energy efficiency, new technologies and flexibility of generation and consumption